Phinzo is a FinTech start-up at the beginning of a hugely exciting journey, that has a small and highly focused team.  Built by people with a passion who want to help people to manage their finances, whilst providing the best and simple experience.

The team is strong and dynamic with extensive IT technical, banking, marketing and governance, risk & compliance backgrounds who have worked with some of the largest brands globally and covering some of the largest banks and tech firms in the country.

Our ambition is to become known for curating a unique financial service, and providing an unparalleled experience in the pension sector.


With record numbers of people saving for retirement, it is more important than ever that people understand their pensions and prepare for financial security in later life.

We believe that financial freedom should be a human right, and we want to build a simple yet effective pension manager, that is available to everyone and that creates pension transparency to all our clients.  We aim to show people how their money is being managed and what this means to them in the future of this modern economy that empowers people to build financial plans for their futures.

Phinzo will tailor its products for people, so that they can make the right decisions' for themselves in the long term.


  • The platform:

Introducing the core platform to make it an extremely easy to use and simplistic experience, we are taking the complexity out of pensions, whilst maintaining the simplicity of a product.

  • Products & Insights:

Building on our platform we will show you what you are spending your money on, and highlight areas where money can be saved and put into your pension.

  • The People:

We will educate people about how to make their money work for them which will increase their reliance on self-invested pensions to fund their own retirement.